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…when programming…

Programming has endless applications in our lives and in our work. Every day we come in contact with thousands of achievements.

Therefore, it justifiably has a special place in the heart of the athuino team.

…met electronics!

Since the beginning of automation, electronics and circuits have been the cornerstone.

Even in the 21st century, they are an important factor in creating modern and functional applications.

Smartphone Connection

Combined Products.

The combination of powerful products, and their use as a base, with other components, can lead to a credible product, equipped to create totally targeted applications.

In addition, the total cost remains low, the extra space required is nullified and the ability to fully customize is significantly upgraded.

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Are you passionate about electronics and applications with microcontrollers? Do you like creating “smart” and effective products? Do you think they are all automated?
Make a project for athuino.com now, register it and win gifts for your next application!


Smart Solutions

All products of the athuino series can be turned into smart solutions for home, shop or factory. The only limitations are our knowledge and our imagination.

Custom Products

Customize your products to your needs at the lowest possible cost. Find the examples page for each product or case, or contact us.

Open Source

The set of operating files for athuino products is available for free through the product page. Also free is given a large set of information that is constantly growing.

Learn on the fly…

In the athuino guides, you will find plenty of examples that will be useful to you in the next projects. You will have the opportunity to read and follow the step by step process to use an LCD display, a temperature sensor, and other components.

You will also find breakthrough articles on these accessories, how they work, their historical path and their applications.

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