In this page, you will find all the products of Athuino. In order to read details about them, to see examples and to follow our instructions, click Read More for the product of your interest.


Athuino SMD

The ultimate board for your first steps in programming with micro-controllers.It is based on ATmega328P, and can support tens of thousands of applications. 

Athuino Through Hole

If you want to easily change the functionally of your board, you can go ahead in Athouno Through Hole board. The removable ATmega328P is still power.


Athuino Counter

athuino counter

Probably, you cannot believe how many 7-segment displays can fill in the side of an Athuino-sized board. We fill 8! Now, you have to find how to use them.

Athuino Security

The making of a custom security system is the best way to adapt alarm to our needs. Apart form components, we will need a fully equipped control board.


Athuino RTU over RS485

Modbus RTU is an open serial protocol derived from the Master/Slave architecture. Athuino RTU over RS485 can be used in your serial communication applications.

Plug n Play

Athuino Car Thermo

Have you ever thought if you need a small thermostat that works with LM35 sensor? Athuino Car Thermo is exactly that, and its name comes from Car Motor temperature measure.