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Athuino SMD is a micro-controller board based in ATmega328P.

Like its brother product, consists from14 digital I/O, 6 of them can be used as PWM outputs, and 6 analog outputs.

Also, it has a crystal at 16 MHz, one jack for power supply, one ICSP, one reset button, and the USB connector.

If you want to learn about the board’s parts and where is on it, read the analytic article.


Athuino SMD gears turn from ATmega328P from Atmel.

This controller is based on the 8bit RISC architecture and its CPU speed is at 20 MIPS sta 20MHz.

On the narrow dual in-line package of the 28 pins, we find 32KB available space for our programs and 2KB static RAM.

Below we will describe the functions of all pins.

Here you will find the datasheet of ATmega328P and its familiar controllers, from the official site of Atmel(Microchip).


Inputs/ Outputs


On the edge of the board, we will find the pins of Athuino SMD.

Specifically, there are fourteen(14) digital I/O on one side. Six(6) from them can be used as PWM outputs.

It is worth noting that some of these pins have specialized functions. For example RX-0, TX-1.

On the other side, besides of voltage and ground pins, there are six(6) analog outputs, which under conditions can be declared as digital I/O.

Power Supply

The Athuino SMD can be powered by a USB cable or an external source.

As known, the USB port of a PC delivers 5V DC, which is the board’s Operating Voltage.

On board, there is a circuit which regulates this voltage for security reasons. If you have a 5V regulated source, you can also use the special pin. The same goes for the pin 3V3(3,3V).

For power from the jack, the voltage needs to be between 7V to 20V DC. Although, the suggested value is 9V.


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